Judgment not Personality

Value systems, not personality, determine judgment and work success


How honest do you think the answers you receive will be?

People can have pleasing and engaging personalities. They may even have the prerequisite skill sets, experiences, and knowledge your organization requires.

However, if they do not possess good judgment – the determining factor in how every other talent and capability they offer is utilized – successful outcomes are often not realized.

The director of leadership for a large global corporation said that by experience they learned that hiring by a personality assessment was not predictive, nor successful. In fact, it was stated that the same “personality type” they used to hire could very well be serving life in prison. The only difference between these persons with a similar personality type, one in prison, the other who is well regarded as a success, was their judgment. Personality simply is not a good predictor of success – good judgment is.

The Judgment Index™ is not a personality assessment.

“Generally speaking, 4-Q tools consist of a list of adjectives from which respondents select words that are most/least like them, and are designed to measure “style,” or tendencies and preferences. While they can seem highly insightful — not to mention being widely available and inexpensive — they have some severe shortcomings when used in high stakes applications such as hiring.

For one, they tend to be highly transparent, enabling a test taker to manipulate the results in a way that they feel will be viewed favourably by the administrator.”

Whitney Martin, HBR Blog Network, August 2014

The Judgment Index™ is not a self-reporting tool.

A person’s value system is crucial in the choices one makes. This is not something a person has, it is who they are! It evolves throughout our lives and is influenced by every event, experience and individual who touches our lives. Our values are the lens through which we see the world and make decisions. The Judgment Index™ measures how well developed and how well we utilise that values system to make good decisions. It is difficult to manipulate the results as consistency of values is difficult to fake.