Reports and Interpretations

Judgment Index™ Primary Uses (Alphabetical Order)

  • Athletics
  • Employee Engagement
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hiring and Workforce Selection
  • Individual and Team Development
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Leadership and Succession Planning
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Promotions
  • Return To Work (Disabled Employees)
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Security
  • Team Decision Making


  • Athletic Officiating – Looks at 10 specific aspects of Judgment that could impact an athletic event.
  • Athletic Success Report – This report looks at 14 important qualities of an athlete and breaks them down into Judgment Index™ indicators and focuses on character issues in addition to on the field & off the field activities.
  • Golf–The 15th Club Report – Specifically for golfers to understand their judgment on and off the course. Used by coaches, several collegiate teams and individual golfers.

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Report – Excellent customer service is clearly the result of a certain value orientation and a certain quality of good judgment. This report provides a view into a person’s capacity or tendency toward Customer Service. To the degree that an organization touches the lives of a larger number of people, customer service may be the most critical element in the organization’s overall success.
  • Call Center Report – The ideal call center candidate will have scores in the Preferred Range on all twelve of the critical areas of measure. There may be times when a person will be hired or have to function in a certain environment without all of these scores being in the Preferred Range. When this is the case, the person’s supervisor can immediately monitor and mentor the person’s behaviors and attitudes in the designated area with the goal of improvement and enhancement.


  • School Principal – This report provides the key information for evaluating current employees and potential new hires against Best Performers in the School Principal Profession in general.
  • IES Learning Styles – This report depicts the best way to connect with a student to enhance the learning experience.

Employee Engagement

  • Engagement Index – The Engagement Index measures an employee’s “attachment” to a company. Engagement is defined as the emotional attachment an individual feels towards an organization. It is a critical factor in determining the discretionary effort, loyalty, morale, and ultimate performance of an employee. Looks at an employee in four quadrants and provides appropriate metrics.

Health and Wellness

  • Wellness 4 Guide – The Wellness 4 Guide is an information filled package of material comprised of wellness results in four major areas. Personal Wellness, Successfully Confronting Obesity, Work-Life Balance, and Individual Stress are addressed in this comprehensive 70+ page personalized guide. Prescriptive measures are provided for areas needing improvement. Additionally this package provides a corporate snapshot as to areas of concern, wellness team results and individual personal results.
  • Wellness Scorecard – This report is designed for the Wellness Coach, Physician, or Counselor. Provide questions to create a conversation with the client.
  • Assessing Stress (Individual & Organizational) – Stress brings damage to our overall energy, our ability to cope with negative situations, and our ability to handle relationships in a positive manner much in the same way that an injury might damage a muscle or sickness might damage some bodily function. The goal is to understand our stress and create agendas for overcoming our stress.
  • WorkRx Return To Work Aspects for Disabled and/or Loss of Time Occurrences) -Decision making and judgment play an important role in the injury-illness experience. All too often, delayed or faulty decisions and poor judgment are the principle contributors to extended lost time. An individual’s capacity for making good judgments, the value of work and resiliency under stress are critical pieces of the lost time puzzle. Large and seemingly inconsequential decisions make up the collective steps for staying or returning to work following an injury, illness or chronic disease. This report assists a managed care professional in assisting a company’s disabled employee segment in returning to work.
  • Nurse Qualities Report – The Nurse Qualities report provides a template based on professional nursing positions.

Hiring and Workforce Selection

  • Judgment Index™ Basic Package
    • Blue Diamond Short Form Score Sheet – Intuitive one page document that allows an individual to easily view the strength of their judgment capacity. This document can be viewed easily to allow you to make a better hire.
    • Judgment Index™ Personalized Narrative – This report provides a personal in-depth analysis of a person’s Judgment Index™ score results. It notes the strength and how an individual makes judgments enabling you to make sure you have the right person in the right position within your workforce.
  • Team Report (Team Detail, Averages, Summary, Judgment Type, Team Strengths and Weaknesses) – These management reports show spreadsheet summaries and data of a unit of employees. Company presidents and CEO’s use these reports to gain a snapshot of their leadership team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Critical Indicators Index – This report takes a look at the critical indicators that should be looked at on any potential candidate prior to hiring.
  • Pre-hiring Assessment Review (PAR4) – This report is designed to help an organization hire better job candidates and potentially avoid issues dealing with retail theft, drug use, and/or aberrant behaviors. Proven highly effective in the restaurant and quick service industry. Comes with or without interview questions for interviewer.
  • Compatibility (Frustration) Index – This report assesses the potential for compatibility or frustrations between two people or a person and their team. Key indicators on the assessment are measured and benchmarked for compatibility to see how well they will “play in the sandbox” together.
  • Sales Professional – This report provides the key information for evaluating current employees and potential new hires against Best Performers in the Sales Profession in general.
  • Sales Manager – This report provides the key information for evaluating current employees and potential new hires against Best Performers in Sales Management in general.
  • PAR4 Manager Interview Questions Report – This report is a manager-hiring template that looks at 9 key areas and includes interview questions with potential responses that the interviewer should be seeking from the applicant. No interview questions are generated if the applicant has an unacceptable score.
  • Interview Questions Guide – Customized report and questions developed for a specific company generated from an applicant’s personal scores on the JI. Found very useful in all interviews and particularly if an organization has multiple locations. Not only does it provide the questions to ask, but provides the interviewer with information regarding what they should be listening for from the applicant.

Innovation and Creativity

  • Innovation Report – The success of many companies is found through innovation. There is a powerful and profound desire for “out of the box thinking” and the stretching of status-quo horizons. The Judgment Index™ is very adept at measuring both uniqueness of talents, “gifts”, and capacity for good judgment in both individuals and in groups.

Leadership and Succession Planning

  • Leadership Qualities – This report looks at 13 important qualities of a great leader and breaks them down into Judgment Index™ indicators.
  • Leadership Style – This report helps people understand the leadership style they possess and helps one to consciously and strategically develop that style.
  • Resiliency Assets Inventory – This management report looks at how resilient an individual, team or company is and their capacity to bounce back when adversity strikes.
  • Mentor Report – This report looks at 15 indicators that will depict individuals with the capabilities of being good mentors to other individuals.
  • Early Service Leavers – Early Service Leaver Critical Indicators Advisor (Individual) report. Can be of value for ESL’s in quest of employment.
    • An Early Service Leaver is a term the United Kingdom uses. What it means is an individual who leaves the military after their minimum time is completed (typically 2 years) and begins looking for a civilian job. This report helps with the transition from military life to civilian life.

Safety and Risk Management

  • General
    • Risk Management and Safety – The Judgment Index™ is specifically designed to assess judgment capacity. In most instances, failures in the arena of risk management have been human failures. In this report, several elements of judgment are addressed that have prime impact on Risk Management and Worker’s Compensation exposure in an organization.
    • Safety Judgment & Leadership – This report looks at 17 indicators regarding safety Judgment and leadership performance.
  • Construction
    • Craft On-Site Judgment and Safety Report – This report is designed with and for the construction industry to measure key aspects of worker performance and job safety.
    • Supervisor On-Site Judgment & Safety Report – This report is designed with and for the construction industry to measure key aspects of worker performance and job safety. Brings in additional Strategic elements.


  • Security Operator Report – This report provides the key information for evaluating current employees and potential new hires against Best Performers in Security Operators.

Excellent Outcomes = (Competent Skill Sets + Good Processes + Good Information) x Good judgment