Safety and Risk Management

Keeping your workforce safe and optimizing return to work

The physical and mental health of your workforce is a crucial factor in your business’s success. This area of the Judgment Index™ looks at helping to identify who is more at risk of an accident and who is likely to have difficulty returning to work after an impairment or disability due to barriers relating to decision making skills.

Managing Risk And Preventing Injury

Understanding what makes one person a greater risk for workplace injury and not another has always been a challenge. Imagine if you could assess this before you even offered an applicant a job? By using the Judgment Index, you can identify those at higher risk of having a work-related accident. You can also identify those areas of judgment where your existing employees have a weakness and provide targeted strategies to mitigate these risks.

Designing A Winning Return To Work Program

Whether an individual has been physically injured, or has experienced psychological stress, it is imperative that a business make their return to work as smooth and painless as possible. In many cases an injury may have healed or a stressful event may have passed, but the employee may still be struggling to get back into the workflow. To overcome this, it’s crucial to be able to identify the psychosocial barriers to returning to work that inevitably accompany the injury and recovery process. Factors such as difficulty dealing with stress, change, poor attention to self-care, low assertiveness, and poor problem-solving skills regularly impact the success of a return to work program. These factors are usually difficult to identify in the early stages of a rehabilitation program as they require good insight from the employee and well-established dialogue with managed care providers. Gaining such insights at the beginning of a rehabilitation program can be invaluable in determining the course of the claim and likelihood of returning to work.

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